In Review Orange Apps: Parent Cue

You may have heard about Orange apps transforming the way that ministries are being organized. With a specific app for parents and one for small group leaders, these ministry apps are building more communication bridges between ministries and families than ever before.

Grant Glas
December 29, 2021
Church Software

But, how effective are these apps in reality? We have all been there before, placing our trust in a new app or piece of technology that doesn’t quite reach our expectations. Fortunately, you can try both of these apps for free for 30 days to see if they are a good fit for you and your church.

If you are wondering "what is Think Orange?" read our blog outlining their central philosophy. Let’s dive into some of the best features of the Parent Cue app, and compare it to some of the more traditional ways of communicating with families. Read on to hear our review of the new Think Orange app


Created to facilitate closer communication channels than ever before, the Parent Cue app offers a simple and effective way for parents to message the ministry leaders and vice versa. Whether you are a large or small church, effective messaging is crucial, but how does the app compare to other more traditional methods of messaging? 

Bulletin Boards

In the past, bulletin boards have been used to share vital information with groups, offering details about events and more. Recent years have seen the move toward digital signage—a more flexible solution that enables the content to be changed with the press of a button!

While we do love the creative potential that’s afforded with a digital bulletin board, the communication offered here is all one-way. You can tell parents about events, but they can’t share any information back. With Parent Cue, parents can place prayer requests and send messages about their child to their small group leader.


A foolproof option for run-of-the-mill information, emails are the perfect way to send general information to a large group of people. But for that reason they do get ignored a lot of the time, and are generally preferred for sending non-urgent updates, like monthly newsletters. That’s why the instant messaging style service offered by Orange is much more effective in grabbing the attention of parents when it's needed.

Instant Messaging

There are hundreds of different instant messaging services out there, and you may even have one that’s designed for your church, included in your church management software package. Using the Parent Cue app will tell you exactly which volunteer is taking the class with your child that day, so you won’t have to search through a directory to speak to who you need.


The Parent Cue app is based around the number 936, which is the average number of weeks we have with our child between birth, and when they fly the nest at the age of 18. Weekly opportunities and suggestions are sent out to parents to help them develop their child’s faith alongside them.

Consistency is key when building a solid foundation of faith in the mind of a child, and the importance of parental involvement is one of the central beliefs at Orange. That's why this app sends weekly podcasts, blogs, and other resources, so parents can share them with their kids at home, too!

You can customize the version of the app that parents get to see, and even send them reminders of daily devotionals, small actions to inspire faith in your children, and relevant prayers. Previously, it would be entirely down to the individual family to remember to teach their kids about the Bible between Sundays, but now the church can help!


An app that organizes and controls your entire ministry needs to be customizable, with room for the creativity and soul of your church to peep through. Luckily, Orange has thought that through and made their apps completely adaptable to fit the specific children’s ministry curriculum that you have at your church.

Get creative with the content you add to your app, as you can choose whatever suits your church. You won't be limited to a one-note tone for your ministry, but you can adapt, invent and design anything you like. From inventive notifications to send parents encouraging worship with their kids to exciting videos, there is a space on the website to customize every element of the Parent Cue app.

Their simple three-step customization feature means that you can have your church’s logo, social media handles, online giving link, and more instantly added to the app, making it feel like an online home for your community. Just sign up, and either start from scratch when building your app content or use their handy template as your starting point.

Choose to boost the connection between the parents and your kids' ministry with the Parent Cue app, which is highly effective in both organization and communication. Through reminders and messages, engagement will be increased, and in turn, the children of your ministry will forge a stronger connection with God. Completely adaptable to the goals and mission of your church, this app has a space for you to create, share, and grow together. Why not pair it with the Think Orange curriculum, for fresh and exciting new lesson plans every week?

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