Top 5 Tools Kidmins Need to Make Their Sundays Go Easier

We have created a list of the top 5 tools that every Kids Ministry team has been missing – read on to learn how to transform your Sunday school.

Grant Glas
November 5, 2021
How to Use Playlister

Running your kids' ministry doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many tools out there to help make your job easier, why not make the most of it? We have created a list of the top 5 tools that every kidmin team has been missing – read on to learn how to transform your Sunday school.

1. QR Codes for Kids Events like VBS

These handy little codes are seen more and more frequently in today’s world, as they eliminate the need for endless printing and paper wastage. Plus, they make resources available to everyone, as anyone can simply scan a code from wherever they are in the world. You can use QR codes to share videos, for your congregation to access lyric sheets and prayer books, and to encourage people to donate. People generally have less and less cash available, so use a handy code to help your community donate on the go.

Consider adding a QR code that directs people to a specific landing page for new visitors. Remember that each QR code is an opportunity to direct people to a relevant place online.

Or, use these codes to facilitate an easy check-in system for your kids! You won’t have to worry about having an up-to-date list or losing your sheet of paper – with QR codes parents can simply scan kids in themselves! Do you want to see Sunday school made simple? Think QR codes, where all the details about a child are stored in a tiny black and white square.

2. The Orange Apps to send curriculum home

You may have heard of Think Orange, but have you heard of the Orange apps? With an app specially designed to help small group leaders and a partner app to keep the parents in the loop, it is clear to see why they are a favorite. Helping parents to encourage worship outside of the kids’ ministry curriculum setting, these apps are a great way to build solid foundations of faith in your little ones.

Plus, these apps will show the volunteers exactly what they will be covering that day, details about all the children that are in attendance, and an opportunity for communication with the parents. Parents can send in prayer requests, make it known if something special is happening in the child’s life, and track their progress through the curriculum weekly. You don’t have to use the orange kids' curriculum to get the apps, but it is one of our favorites!

3. Smart Church Organizational Tools and Software

At the backbone of every good kid's ministry is a solid organizational structure. We know that this can be difficult though, as there are endless things to think about, and it’s easy to get lost beneath all of the admin.

The good news? Organizing will be smoother than ever when you use some of these handy digital tools! Bringing your team together and making sure everyone’s on the same page, church technology really is a game-changer.

We recommend investing in church management software to keep track of your finances, set up group chats, and more. With endless options out there, you can choose exactly what you’re looking for. Design a website, create an app, and so much more! Plus, most of these CMS options offer a 30-day free trial, so you can see how it fits with your church before you commit. 

4. Digital Signage with an Apple TV

From sharing the good news of the people of your community to advertising events and more, digital signage solutions can transform how you run kidmin. Unlike the signs of the past, these can be updated at the press of a button, so that your content always remains fresh, relevant, and engaging. Get creative with a digital sign, and you can even use them to add an extra layer to your sermons, with a relevant image or video playing in the background.

Apple TV HD 32GB - Apple

When you invest in an Apple TV to facilitate your digital signage needs, then it can double up as a TV too! Let the kids of your ministry have some fun with access to an exciting piece of technology that will set their creativity free too. Next time a bit of theatrics, singing, or storytelling is used in your kids' ministry, you can record the kids and show it back to them on the big screen!

5. Playlister for your presentation software in your rooms

A reliable church presentation software is crucial for many reasons, but especially in kids ministry. Seamlessly stream your children’s ministry curriculum from one handy place when you say yes to Playlister.

The days of USB sticks and DVDs are long gone, as they are wasteful and unreliable in equal measure. With so many resources to be shared during kids ministry, does anyone have the time to constantly switch hard drives? 

The answer is no, and that’s why more and more churches are making the switch. Simply set up a schedule, and your curriculum will play automatically, saving you so much organization and planning. For just $23.99 a month you can get your hands on the Playlister Pro software, which comes with an Apple TV included so you could be up and running in minutes. Kids ministry leaders have a lot on their plates, but juggling the content for the curriculum does have to be one of them. 

Transform the way your ministry runs when you start making use of the digital tools that are out there. Ready and waiting to be used, these five tools are effortless to manage and will benefit you hugely. The only question you’ll have, is why didn’t we start sooner?

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